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One Generation Project

Teens make the difference in the fight to protect freedom!

New contest! See details below!

The future of America is at stake. Your future. Will America embrace freedom?

You can lead in the battle of ideas. One Generation Project is excited to announce the launch of our first nationwide 60-second film festival contest.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Attend an upcoming Teen Townhall online. Click here to register for the next session.
  2. Make a 60-second film about that week’s topic (more info below)
  3. Submit the film here

Contest topics:

  • April 6: Do pandemics kill equal rights? A Teen Townhall Discussion
  • April 13: Can there be any winners in spite of the Covid19 crisis? Teen Townhall Discussion
  • April 20: Government oppression or protection? Openness amidst crisis Teen Townhall Discussion
  • April 27: How social distancing impacts my personal journey? Teen Townhall Discussion

You are encouraged to participate in as many weeks of the contest as you’d like. Contest Rules can be found here.

You can read Video Tips here.

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Thanks for visiting. Through the One Generation Project, your student will develop the necessary vision, passion, and skills to be a confident advocate for freedom as they venture into young adulthood. We hope to see you soon!